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Couples Counselling

About Couples Counselling

We provide couples counseling to those wishing to improve their relationship. The first step is to contact the clinic to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation with the Clinic Coordinator. We recommend both partners attend this consultation call. During your phone consultation, you will receive information about the clinic and therapist recommendations. Couples therapy starts with an intake session where the therapist will meet with both partners and assess relationship difficulties and needs. Your therapist may then request to see each partner individually, in order to understand individual background histories and needs. Once the assessment sessions are done, the therapist will discuss therapeutic goals and create a tailored treatment plan. Common examples of couples counseling goals are: attuning to emotional responses and needs, increasing effective communication, understanding and changing ineffective behavioural and mental patterns, and how to best separate or divorce. Using evidence-based treatments, we help couples tap into their strengths and achieve their goals. If we assess your needs to be outside the scope of our practice, we will work alongside you to identify best-fit referral options.