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A Worthwhile Investment

I’m aware this has the potential to read like an advertisement for therapy; that’s not my intention. My intention is to discuss a very real barrier to treatment which is finances, and why I believe this financial investment is worth it. In Ontario, seeing a Psychologist for treatment is not covered under OHIP. People with… Continue reading A Worthwhile Investment

The Bully Within

The most universal difficulty my clients face is a lack of self-compassion. Hardly anyone comes in saying, “I need to work on how hard I am on myself,” but they should. Our self-critical voice is a feedback loop never allowing us to recognize that we deserve and can benefit from being kinder to ourselves. We… Continue reading The Bully Within

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (To Attend Your First Therapy Session)

As a psychologist, I have the privilege of walking alongside individuals as they seek relief from their distress. It has been awe inspiring to see people use therapy to impact change in their lives. Make no mistake, this change involves hard work – hard and worthwhile work. The help of a mental health professional, can… Continue reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting (To Attend Your First Therapy Session)

The Price of Shame

Every year, Bell’s Let’s Talk event leads me to pause and consider mental health awareness. While we have come a long way with increased awareness and education, stigma persists. Whenever discussing the stigma of mental health with clients, one word invariably comes up: shame. The experience of mental health difficulties is tough enough, and when… Continue reading The Price of Shame

You Are Not Your Thoughts!

For those of us contending with chronic stress, worries and/or anxieties, our thoughts can often feel out of control. If it sometimes (or most of the time) feels like you have the Tasmanian Devil taking up residence in your head, then this post may be for you. Having racing worry thoughts is exhausting and overwhelming;… Continue reading You Are Not Your Thoughts!

Paving Your Road to Success Mindfully

There is always talk about New Year’s resolutions around Christmas time, but I think a lot of us view September as the start of a new year. Fall is on its way, students are back at school, the chaos of summer is over and pumpkin-spiced everything is upon us. I thought this would be a… Continue reading Paving Your Road to Success Mindfully

Moving Through Grief

It’s hard writing about loss because often words seem trite in the shadow of grief. As a psychologist, I often walk beside clients on their journey with loss, and it’s been some of the most painful yet transformative work I have witnessed. I am always in awe of human courage, resiliency and the will to… Continue reading Moving Through Grief

You’d Never Say “It’s Just Cancer – Get Over It!”

With Bell’s recent Let’s Talk day, mental health stigma has been on my mind. Mental health difficulties arise when genetic, biological, and environmental factors combine to create psychological stress. These factors are mainly out of one’s control and result in distress that can feel alarming and overwhelming. Managing psychological distress can be in one’s control;… Continue reading You’d Never Say “It’s Just Cancer – Get Over It!”

Tense No More!

When we are feeling emotional stress or anxiety, our body responds in several ways – one of those responses is muscle tension. Stress triggers our body’s Fight or Flight response and releases stress hormones in our bloodstream. These stress hormones trigger both physical and psychological responses and is a perfect example of the mind-body connection.… Continue reading Tense No More!

Power Pose On, Power Pose Strong!

So we all know how our body language gives others information about us, but did you know that our body language gives information to our own body?? Researchers have identified that you can use your body language to make you think and feel better about yourself! Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist who works at Harvard… Continue reading Power Pose On, Power Pose Strong!