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Anjana Iyer

Anjana Iyer - Supervised Therapist (she/her)

I practised as a psychotherapist in India from 2013 to 2022. I obtained a B.A. in Psychology and Anthropology from St. Xavier’s College,  Mumbai University in India. I completed my M.A. in Counselling Psychology from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai in India. I received my EMDR certification in 2016 and my Integral Somatic Psychology certification in January 2023. Upon relocating to Canada, I am currently engaged in training to secure my license as a registered psychotherapist. I hold certifications in trauma-focused therapies such as EMDR and Integral Somatic Psychology. My practice encompasses a blend of techniques derived from CBT, Dance and Movement Therapy, Art Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Therapies.


As a trained psychotherapist, I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to facilitate growth, resilience, and transformation. I work collaboratively with my clients to uncover the underlying patterns that shape their thoughts and behaviours, helping them gain insight into themselves. I utilize evidence-based approaches, tailoring sessions to best fit the client’s unique needs and goals. Whether it’s about coping with anxiety, healing from distressing memories or past traumas, striving to enhance relationships, or simply aiming to better understand oneself, I am here to support every step of the way. I guide clients to recognize the profound impact of the body on emotional well-being, while honouring the wisdom stored within the body. This approach fosters self-awareness, resilience, and a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection, creating lasting transformation.


In sessions, clients will find a compassionate and non-judgmental space where they can express their thoughts and feelings openly. I firmly believe that within each individual lies the potential for growth, resilience, and positive change, and my role is to help tap into that potential.


I provide therapy to adolescents and adults. My areas of clinical interest include:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression 
  • Anger management 
  • Bipolar
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • OCD 
  • Health anxiety 
  • Relationship difficulties 
  • Trauma and PTSD 
  • Panic attacks/panic disorders
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty with decision making 
  • Difficulty with motivation
  • Loneliness and isolation 
  • Social anxiety
  • Coping with discrimination
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Workplace difficulties
  • Boundary settings/assertiveness training 
  • Attention and concentration difficulties
  • Life transitions 
  • Academic difficulties 
  • Sleep difficulties
  • ADHD